Scheduled Home Visits
This service is offered to any patient whom cannot drive or whom has limited mobility. A pharmacist can visit a patient at their home to provide consultation on their medications. We can provide information on current medication regimens and appropriate times. As well check for drug interactions and dispose of old medications to avoid confusion.
Individualized Medication Consultation
Patients are welcome to come into the pharmacy and sit down with the pharmacist to go over all their medications. We could review current medication regimens, drug interactions, timing of medications, side effects, or any other concerns the patient may have.
Personalized Diabetes Educator
A Certified Diabetes Educator is a health care professional that is nationally recognized by the Canadian Diabetes Association. The educator has gone through thorough educational training and testing before receiving their certification. Patients are welcome to come in and sit down to talk with the educator at any time. Some topics would include diet, exercise, glucose levels, emergency situations, injections, and insulin adjustments.
Dosette Packaging
This service is offered to any patient who would like their medications packaged in weekly dosettes. The medications are dose appropriately and sent out every week at no cost. It is a service that will save patients time and allow markers for missed medications.
Free Delivery
Our delivery services are offered at no extra cost when filling your prescriptions. Our services span across the city and county. We deliver around your schedule, so you are not waiting around all day.
Specialized Compounding
Our pharmacists are trained through the Professional Compounding Centers of America (PCCA). We compound a wide variety of medications that are discontinued or back ordered. We also specialize in bio-identical hormones and topical pain creams.
CPR Training
We currently have 2 Red Cross certified trainers on site that are capable of certifying patients in CPR and first aid. Choking is one of the leading causes of injury and death in babies, which is why we offer to train patients in baby CPR for free. Our goal is to minimize the unnecessary damage caused by choking in children and babies.